ROADINGER Amplifier Rack PR-1, 3U, 47cm deep

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Flightcase for 483 mm devices (19″)The ROADINGER amplifier rack PR-1 with 3 U is optimally suited for your 19″ equipment such as power amplifiers and other accessories. The maximum installation depth is 420 mm plus 90 mm per cover. The case features high-quality, 7 mm thick sides made of multi-layer glued and black laminated wood. The aluminium profile frame with rounded corners and the three-legged, medium-sized steel ball corners provide additional stability. The amplifier rack is equipped with four snap locks, two chrome-plated case folding handles and two wooden sliding rails on the floor. Both lids are removable.The maximum load is 50 kg.

Rack case

  • High-quality workmanship with plywood multi-layer glued 7 mm, black, laminated
  • 2 removable covers (double-Door-Version)
  • Aluminum profile frames 30mm with rounded edges
  • 2 hinged, chromium plated case handles
  • 4 high-quality spring locks
  • 2 wooden slide rails on the bottom
  • Available in different height units (1 U = 44 mm)
  • With profile rails suitable for (19″) approx. 48 cm units
  • 3 U
  • For further information about this product, please refer to the Data Sheet under “Downloads”
Maximum load: 50 kg
Removable covers: 2 pc/pcs
Aluminum profile frames: 30 mm
Case handle: 2 pc/pcs
Lock: Spring lock: 4 pc/pcs
Transport aid: 2 x wooden slide rails on the bottom
Material: Plywood multi-layer glued, 7 mm
Color: Black, laminated
Front panel width: (19″) approx. 48 cm
Mounting height: Approx. 13.5 cm (3 U)
Mounting depth: 470 mm
Housing design: 3 U
Dimensions: Width: 54,5 cm
Depth: 64 cm
Height: 17,5 cm
Weight: 8,60 kg

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