GUIL PST-11 Barrier System with Retractable Belt (red)

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Barricade and direct: Time-saving and elegantThis barrier system enables you to create queues, manage people or close off an area. Whether discotheque, cinema or waiting room: thanks to its quick assembly and disassembly, you can use the system flexibly for the most diverse occasions. High-quality designThe posts of the barrier system are made of stainless steel and are therefore also suitable for outdoor use. The material is highly polished and looks very elegant. The belt system is self-retracting. A belt can be extended up to 3 meters. The belt pulleys are interchangeable and available in red and black.You can connect the end of the belt either with a permanently installed wall bracket or another belt system.

Barrier system

  • With self-rolling strap system
  • To create guide systems, for example waiting lines etc.
  • In order to start the strap from a wall, you need 8070297K GUIL wallconnector for PST-10,black
  • Made in Europe
  • For application areas such as: Wedding/gala/events
Material: Stainless steel
Bottom plate: Ø 35 cm
Strap length: 3 m
Dimensions: Height: 90,5 cm
Weight: 8,74 kg

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