EUROPALMS Wild Flower Spray, artificial, 140cm

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With the artificial wildflower garland of Europalms you get a piece of summer into your home or business premises. The flower garland is perfect for decorating your restaurant, balcony or interior.The 140 cm long, flexible garland consists of a colorful mixture of artificial wild grasses and flowers, e.g. fescue grass and verbena, which you can also extend directly with each other to a decorative ribbon or tie to a wreath.There are no limits to your creativity.

Wild flowers arranged in decorative garland

  • Colorful assortment of meadow flowers with different grasses
  • whitecolored; yellowcolored; bluecolored; pinkcolored beautifully flowers
Standing/fixation: Without
Material: PE ND polyethylene
Color: Multicolor
Flowers: Color: white
P(material: ); color: yellow
P(material: ); color: blue
P(material: ); color: pink
P(material: )
Decor style: Woods and meadows; Houseplant
Season: Summer
Dimensions: Length: 1,4 m
Weight: 380 g

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