EUROPALMS Rubber tree, artificial plant, 100cm

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The rubber tree – botanically Ficus elastica – is experiencing its revival as an indoor plant: its elegant growth form combined with large, shiny, wide-oval leaves adds a tropical accent even to soberly furnished offices and living rooms.In contrast to the real rubber tree, this artificial alternative from Europalms does not resent difficult lighting conditions or draughts.During the production of the artificial plant, great importance was attached to natural details, such as the typical reddish petals, which protectively wrap the young leaves of the plant.Practical plug-in sticks allow a quick and individual arrangement of the 3-part rubber tree.

Lifelike leaves, ideal for floral arrangements

  • Artificial trunk
  • With approx. 43 greencolored lifelike leaves
Trunk: 3 x Artificial trunk
Standing/fixation: Without
Color: Green
Foliage: 43 leaves
Material: textile
Decor style: Tropics; Houseplant
Dimensions: Length: 1 m
Weight: 480 g

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