EUROPALMS Rose Petals, artificial, pink, 500x

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They do not wither.They do not decolorate.The high-quality rose petals by Europalms are a deceptively real alternative for your romantic table or room decoration.Due to different shapes, structured surfaces of the material and the natural color gradient the rose petals look confusingly related to their natural counterpart.No matter what occasion, whether Valentine’s Day, wedding, christening or birthday – with this litter-decoration there are no creative boundaries. The rose petals are delivered loosely in a bag and can be reused easily.They are available in different colors.

Rose petals as romantic deco confetti

  • Differently shaped leaves with natural color gradient
  • With pinkcolored lifelike leaves
  • approx. 500 pinkcolored beautifully flowers
  • Available in various colors
Material: Textile
Color: Pink
Foliage: Material: textile
Flowers: Pieces: approx. 500 pc/pcs
Color: pink
P(material: )textile
Decor style: Houseplant
Dimensions: Length: 8 cm
Weight: 330 g

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