EUROPALMS Parrot grass, artificial, 120cm

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Modern artificial plants are the ideal alternative to real plants, which can be used to create targeted elegant accents to any living trend. They make no demands on location, watering or light incidence and create a homely comfort with a few simple steps.The particularly lively appearance of the artificial feather grass from Europalms is achieved by the different shades of green of the narrow foliage leaves. These fall into shape by themselves when the grass arrangement is set up – so there is no need for cumbersome plucking. Differently graded, feathery seed heads protrude from the lush greenery and form the eye-catcher of the grass perennial.It has a total height of about 120 cm and comes in a plain gardener’s pot, which makes it easier for you to pot it into a suitable planter and serves to better hold the plant.

Grass plant with sun kissed floral stalks

  • Falls in shape by itself
  • On delivery the item is ready for use
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • With greencolored lifelike leaves
  • approx. 13 light browncolored beautifully flowers
Delivery: Ready for use
Construction: Falls in shape by itself
Standing/fixation: Gardening pot
Color: Yellow
Foliage: Material: PE ND polyethylene
Flowers: Pieces: approx. 13 pc/pcs
Color: light brown
P(material: )
Decor style: Woods and meadows
Dimensions: Height: 1,2 m
Weight: 1,35 kg

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